Spare Parts

The Club has a small stock of most commercially available reproduction spare parts for the T34, some of which are the result of the Club providing original parts to be remade. Vent wing seals and foglamp seals are anticipated soon.

We also are starting to carry a few parts for the T14 and will expand this when the right opportunity is available. Stainless side trim sets are a future possibility.

See the outline listing below and contact for details.


Repair Sections

Sills each left and right, outer sill centre section only, front wing lower section (A post), rear wing over sill, rear wheel arches, pair, headlamp bowl.

Rubber Seals

Front windscreen seal, rear windscreen seal, front bonnet seal, side window to roof seal. Rear quarter (Pop out) window seal, roof/rear quarter window seal.
Front bonnet safety catch deflector plate.
Headlamp seal (Grey).
Front indicator seal, wiring cover, (rear of front indicator housing).
Front panel seal (external horn fitting).
Side marker body seal, side marker lense seal.
Rubber stop for side window pair 67 on.
B Post seal.
Air deflector plate seal, engine hatch cover seal.
Door handle 4 pieces, rear hood lock seal.
Rear light to body seal, rear lense to base seal.
Bumper bracket seal set 4 pieces.
Overrider seal 62-65 and 66-69 set 4 pieces.
Licence plate seal set of 4.
Heater elbow. Large Bump Stop. Small Bump Stop.


Dash pad top and bottom (pre 68). Wood finish (3M di-noc) 67-69 dashboard cover.
Rear popout hinge part (T34 unique element), pair.
Sun visor clips pair. Sun visor base, early or late, pair.
Interior light. Hinge block set.
Ignition barrel/keys 61-67.

External trim

Sill trim (rocker) pair incl clips, screen trim set.

Lamp parts

6 &12V Foglamp bulbs, Headlamp Glass, Headlamp Spring, Foglamp Spring.


HT Lead Set.
Stainless steel bumper set – early and late over rider style.
Left A post vertical seal NOS – limited supply.
Exhaust tailpipe – limited supply.


Stainless steel bumper set, US and euro style.
Hinge block set.

Contact Details:

0844 8041066