Registering your car with DVLA: How the Club can help?

The Karmann Ghia Owners Club (GB) is recognised by the DVLA to support an application for a vehicle.

This can be to be registered under its original number or an age related number plate under the V765 scheme, dating letter for imported vehicles without supporting paperwork, and V627 applications for cars which have been rebuilt or substantially changed.

You will need to apply for a V765 form to register a vehicle under its original registration number when:

  • it has never been registered at the DVLA, or
  • it has been registered under another age related registration number
Once the application is filled in you will need to send it off to the club for our recommendation.
You will also need to enclose evidence that links your vehicle to the original registration number.

  • Acceptable forms of evidence include: l the original old style log book (RF60/VE60) l
  • archive or library records showing the registration number and the chassis number authorised by the archivist, clearly defining where the material was taken from, and
  • other pre 1983 documentary evidence linking the chassis and the registration number to the vehicle.

To help assist in the registration process it is always recommended that you apply for the cars Birth Certificate and Data Sheet from the Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen.

You can apply for Birth Certificate and data sheet here.

(Please note this can take several months)

If the vehicle has not been registered at DVLA, send the evidence that links your vehicle to the original registration number you are claiming.

This should include a recent photo of the vehicle and a filled in ‘Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle’ (V55/5) (proof of identification is not needed).

You can apply for a V55/5 form online here.

The V55/5 form itself is the universal new vehicle data collection form for every vehicle registered in the UK.

This covers over 2.5m new and old cars a year.

This will mean that many of the sections are not applicable and need to be left blank.

You should complete the following sections of the V55/5 only and leave the other boxes blank – (The high lighted answers are general to all Karmann Ghia’s).
For the section which asks for a reason that you are not attaching type approval details, you need to use the wording “exempt due to age”.

If the vehicle already has an age-related registration number you will not need to fill in a V55/5 form. You will need to send:

  • the evidence that links your vehicle to the original registration number you are claiming and
  • the Vehicle Registration Certificate (V5C) showing the current registration number.

To avoid sending valuable historic documentation by post , any club approved by the DVLA can act as signatory in your immediate area can copy and verify your original evidence. Please contact the club to make arrangements.

Once you have these authenticated copies, you can send the copies to the Karmann Ghia Owners Club (GB) committee member responsible for DVLA authentication who will be countersigning your application.

If the vehicle has been imported and requires registering for the first time, the DVLA will require in order of preference, for the correct age related registration to be issued, at least one the following documents;

  • Manufacturer dating letter
  • Original registration papers from country where vehicle was first delivered.
  • A Club dating letter

Remember to register an imported vehicle for the first time it must already be registered on the Governments NOVA database.

In all cases where the Club needs to become involved, an inspection will usually always be required, together with clear images of the vehicle and the identity of chassis/body/engine sent to us.

Please contact Mark Poulton for further information or to assist you through this process at

Contact Details:

0844 8041066